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BOTHER.Inspired Boots

A special release from BOTHER. today: a series of boots inspired by the friendship and generosity of some of our nearest and dearest.

The .Zander Boots are dedicated to Willow Zander, whose support so far has ranged from kind words right up to providing us space for the store. She is also my SL constant, and has been for all seven of my SL years. The .Frooti Boots are also dedicated to Ms. Zander, this time for the support she has pledged through her own brand, Frooti Poses. We hope, in future, to be collaborating with her a great deal.

The .Toonie Boots are dedicated to Shelly Toonie (and Dazz Anvil, though the chances of him wearing them are remote) of Moonshine, who have been unfailingly supportive all the time we have known them, and wonderful friends.

The .Rouge Boots are dedicated to CodeBastard Redgrave and Gabby Panacek, a couple who are constantly inspiring and whose presence, on Plurk in particular, was a driving force in our interest to come back to SL after a long break.

The .Toonie Boots are dedicated to another very old and dear friend, Talyn Barrett, a fellow creator whose talent adorned my avatar from its early days and who, as well as popping her head up on a regular basis to make all around her giggle, was patient enough to teach Mr. Ghosty how to master the dreaded jacket layer.

Our thanks and love to all of them, in the shape of boots. Each pair is $L175 and scripted to be unisex (please note that the default size is female).

Visit the BOTHER.Store by clicking HERE.



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