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BOTHER.Heritage Wands: NEW Limited Edition

Due to the popularity of the .Ancestor Wand, which has now sold out at the Hogwarts Fair, BOTHER. has released a brand new Limited Edition: the BOTHER.Precursor.

As with all other .Heritage Wands, the .Precursor features individual texturing and custom sculpting and includes 8 working spells, controlled by the included HUD:

* Light: A simple light emanating from the end of the wand that will illuminate the area around your avatar.
* Floating Light: A wisp of light that moves of its own accord around your avatar and lights as it goes.
* Flare Light: A bright flash of light.
* Disarm: A flashing blink to denote the spell.
* Dark: This spell will deactivate any light effects you are running.
* Total Darkness: This will deactivate the light effects of any other BOTHER.Heritage Wands within range, as well as your own.
* Firestorm: Burn your adversaries with a sudden flash of fire.
* Lightstorm: Attack your enemies with a burst of lightning.

30 copies of the BOTHER.Precursor will be sold, 10 available in each of three locations: the Hogwarts Fair, the BOTHER.Store and the La Petite Morte mainstore. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The BOTHER.Ancestor is still available in the BOTHER.Store and at La Petite Morte, and the .Nemesis and basic six wands remain on sale in all three places.



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