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BOTHER. at MySecondBox

If you haven’t heard about the newest event on the grid, don’t worry – there’s still time to join in. Each month, five designers will be sending out sample boxes to members of the MySecondBox group – join each month to receive gifts worth far more than the group fee!

BOTHER. is absolutely thrilled to be participating in the very first MySecondBox, and our gift is two dresses and a Persian chain necklace in silver, all original mesh. All items are from as-yet unreleased ranges and are at present exclusively available to the group. Just join the MySecondBox group and check the notices to receive them!


BOTHER.Persian Necklace

Designer Pool for the months of June, July, and August:

Adore & Abhor
Alice Project
caLLie cLine
Discord Designs
Exposeur Poses
House of London
La Petite Morte
Le Bloom

How it works:

From the 1st of the month until the 28/29th of the month the group is open enrollment with a 300L fee to join. During that month 5 designers from the 15 designer pool will send out samples to the group.

There will be a notice sent out on the 24th and 26th as a reminder to get designer’s MySecondBox samples before the group closes. On the 28/29th of the month (26/27 for Feb.) subscribers will be ejected. It is up to the subscriber to obtain their samples before the group closes as with Linden Groups there is no way to export group listing. When the system is scripted accountability will be much easier and built into the system. On the first of the next month the group will reopen with a new enrollment fee and the cycle starts again.


p.s. Huge thanks to Willow Zander for very patiently putting up with me to take the photos!



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