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BOTHER. does not support SOPA and PIPA

I’ve censored the following, in protest of a bill that gives any corporation and the US government the power to censor the internet–a bill that could pass THIS WEEK. To see the uncensored text, and to stop internet censorship, visit: http://americancensorship.org/posts/38646/uncensor We █████████ our ████████ █████████ ███████ █████ ██████. ████████ to ████ a ██████ out … Continue reading

BOTHER.Store Debut!

BOTHER. is a new store in Second Life offering male and unisex clothing and accessories. Ghost Harris,  the creator of BOTHER. has been an SL resident since 2006 and has been building and designing in one form or another since then. The goal of BOTHER. is to offer high quality and affordable male and unisex … Continue reading

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